For what purposes can you use this software program?

This basic package for axle load-calculation enables you simulating freights and/or their build-up.   You can modify all data in the blink of an eye, meaning that any type of build-up or simulation is very easy and user friendly to calculate.  

How does it work and for what type of applications?

The majority of brands of trucks, loader cranes, bridge cranes, trailers and semi-trailers are provided as standard in the program. This means that you will work with guaranteed truthful data.  Furthermore we provide twice a year an update, ensuring as such that your software package remains at all times of state-of-the-arts quality level.

You decide on the data you want to start working with: the weight and the dimensions of the truck, the weight of the freight to transport, the length of the vehicle, the ideal load point,... These data can as well be imported as entered manually.

The program aims to reach a broad professional target audience. As such, we also take into account the fact whether your truck will ride with or without a trailer, will have to load euro-pallets,… It is even possible to enter more specific parameters such as snow ploughs or a sleeper cab.

As standard, the TrailerWin program takes features into account such as double axle, triple axle, middle axle with steering bogie at the front, triple-axle vehicles, 8-wheelers (meaning trucks with 4 axles), 8-wheelers with 3-axle bogie and 10-wheelers (5 axles).

TrailerWin does even more for you.

Enter a truck and the program will calculate for you the best fit trailer. The dimensions do not match with your specific requirements? All you have to do is to modify the data and continue to work with the program in an interactive mode, until the moment you have ‘calculated’ the most appropriate solution for your specific needs. In practice this means that other parameters will be taken into account as well, such as the weight of the freight, possible overhanging freight, bridge cranes, loader cranes and turning radius. 

The presentation of the truck cabin corresponds with the real view. The program provides a multitude of options you can use, based on your personal insights en needs. As such, you will be able to make a perfect simulation for every real situation.  


Despite the multiple possibilities, the program is very easy to install and is fare from demanding with regards to your computer. Any user being able to make calculations, will easily find his way in this program. No particular skills or IT-knowledge is required in order to work with the program. Today’s computers are more than fit to have this program working.  

The program is available in the following languages:

English, Dutch, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. 


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Trailerwin is an axle load-calculation -
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