Also FrameWin is provided as an optional package

The use of this package is for obvious reasons most of the time combined with CraneWin because it calculates the strength required to assemble the loader crane. 

Also in this case, you will notice that the drawings speak for themselves. As such, the program will display an image of the undercarriage you selected, including the corresponding values and combined with the assembled ‘frame’ to which you can add frames or beams. Thanks to a guided image, you will have everything you need to start experimenting: with U-beams, square or rectangular constructions, vertical or horizontal plates…. In case of self-supporting plates, you can calculate the shear strength. In case of a continuous construction, you can include the plates in the calculations of the strength of the construction.   

It is possible to mark your personal text on the provided drawings with the purpose to provide a clarification, a guideline, a reminder,… 


Trailerwin is an axle load-calculation -
program for professional  
body manufacturers...
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