CornerWin is another optional package.

This package enables the calculation of all possible degrees of turning radius for trucks and truck combinations. Although this is already quite impressive, the program can even do much more. One of the features is for example to simulate the desired route via a mouse click on a legend (of a construction yard, an intersection …) leading the program to calculate if this simulation is realistic or not. Prevention is better than a cure! Please examine this carefully with your driver and he will know exactly where and how far he will have to deviate, in order to successfully make that particular U-turn of which you initially thought it would never be possible. Unnecessary detours will belong as such to the past.  

The calculation of the turning radius can also be used as calculation when submitting your request for a COC-file. It is also possible to import the available drawings into the program and have them fully tested and evaluated afterwards via your calculations or your mouse-simulations. In case this shortcut via CornerWin should not work, you can already be pretty sure that it is not feasible in reality… 

The use of CornerWin is usually combined with TrailerWin. Indeed, you will use TrailerWin to select the specific truck and trailer. Nevertheless, you can use CornerWin as well as ‘stand-alone’-program. 

De draaistraal-berekening kan ook dienen als berekening bij uw aanvraag voor een COC-dossier . Beschikbare tekeningen kunnen ook in het programma worden geïmporteerd waarna u uw berekeningen of uw muis-simulaties er op los kunt laten. Als die binnenweg met CornerWin niet lukt, ga er dan maar van uit dat het niet haalbaar is…

CornerWin wordt gewoonlijk in combinatie met TrailerWin gebruikt. In TrailerWin kiest u immers de specifieke vrachtwagen en aanhangwagen. Toch kunt u CornerWin ook als ‘stand-alone’-programma gebruiken.


Trailerwin is an axle load-calculation -
program for professional  
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